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Flowery Branch Paranormal Investigation Society


10/9/05 08:49 pm - blot_of_mustard - Hello

Hello, all.

This is Josh Jarrett, I've just spawned this journal
to be able to communicate with you easily
through Flowery Brach Paranormal yada yada yada
So you don't confuse it with Neosavetk.

Okay bye

8/11/05 07:33 pm - neosavetk - Ghost Hunt

I'd kinda like to arrange a ghost-hunt.

Mike Flory knows a few abandoned houses

let me know what u think.

7/19/05 08:33 pm - neosavetk - Rough Draft of Ghost Hunting materials

Okay this is very rough, so bear with me.

Camera-preferable a film and digital one



Notebook w/ Pen
sry g2g fin later

7/19/05 08:31 pm - neosavetk - Congradulations

Congrats to misswonderland for becoming our first official member.
I assume no one pressured you into doing this?

7/19/05 06:20 pm - neosavetk - Links to good Paranormal Investagation Sites

Okee-dokee here it gos:




^American Ghost Society^
Thats all for now

-Granola Sunspray Moon


7/19/05 05:14 pm - neosavetk - Ghost Hunting Tutorial

I'm currently working on a Ghost Hunting Tutorial Sheet... er, page. It'll have stuff to bring, sites that may be of intrest, and general tips.

If anyone decides to join or something they can help contribute
-the cool guy

7/17/05 03:45 pm - neosavetk - Hello

I wonder if anyone will every join.
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