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fb_ga_pi's Journal

Flowery Branch Paranormal Investigation Society
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The Flowery Branch Paranormal Investigation Society is based in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Please join, you don't have to live in Flowery Branch, that's just were we located.
I would really like some experianced PI's to join, someone my have a question or something that I just couldn't answer. lol

There are a few rules to this forum:

1. No lying. If you wanna post a storie, legend, ext. don't make something up. You'll just be wasting our time.

2. No cursing or inappropriet posting. That would also be wasting our time because i have to read everything before it goes up so it wouldn't be posted. Actually, I would probably just edit it.

We welcome noobies and seasoned Paranormal Investagators alike.